Soft Washing

Clean Your Roof Safely

Clean Your Roof Safely

Set up professional soft washing services

A roof that's covered in mold, algae and grime is more than just an eyesore. Grime can also damage your roof and lead to expensive repairs. But blasting your roof with a powerful pressure washer will cause more harm than good when it tears up your shingles.

Allen's Maintenance and Services LLC offers soft washing services and can provide a solution. We'll use a gentle cleaner and carefully wash your roof from top to bottom. The result is an effective cleaning without the roof damage.

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The benefits of roof cleaning

There are plenty of reasons to keep your roof clean. We recommend an annual roof cleaning because:

  • You can give your curb appeal a boost, increasing the perceived value of your home
  • You'll help keep your roof in tiptop shape, saving you money on repairs
  • Your roof will last longer before needing a replacement, sparing you a headache
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