Oil/Grease Removal

Tired of Those Oil Stains on Your Concrete?

Tired of Those Oil Stains on Your Concrete?

Allen's Maintenance and Services can improve the concrete's appearance

It's easy to spill oil when you're working on your car. Our team at Allen's Maintenance and Services LLC often hears from people who are dealing with oil and grease stains on their driveways, garage floors or auto shop floors.

We help them remove those stains, and we can work with you, too. You can hire our team to...

  • Remove any remaining liquid from your concrete
  • Use a degreaser or detergent to loosen any dried stain
  • Pressure wash the oil or grease off of your concrete

We'll make sure to remove as much of the grease or oil as possible. To arrange for oil or grease removal services, contact a local cleaner today.

Oil stains are among the most difficult to clean

If you're trying to remove the stain by yourself, you're not likely to get rid of it. That's because oil seeps down into concrete and forms a hard-to-remove stain. By pressure washing your concrete, we can reach the deeply ingrained stain and significantly lighten the discolored area. Call 813-312-1304 now for a free estimate on oil or grease cleaning services.