Drywall Repair & Installation

Avoid Common Mistakes When Installing Drywall

Avoid Common Mistakes When Installing Drywall

Hire a handyman to complete your project

Installing drywall might not be as simple of a project as you might think. To avoid making costly mistakes, such as driving screws too deep, outsource your project to a pro. Allen's Maintenance and Services LLC can make quick work of your home improvement project.

We'll be sure to...

  • Hang drywall on sturdy framing timbers
  • Cut precisely around outlets and other obstacles
  • Leave enough space between drywall sheets to prevent cracking

Call 813-312-1304 now to put your drywall installation project in qualified hands.

Need to make repairs?

From superficial cracks to deep holes, we can reverse the damage to your walls. You're sure to be pleased with our efficient and flawless drywall repair work.

We offer competitive rates as well as senior citizen and military discounts. Contact us today to get a free estimate for your project.